Arduino IoT Cloud Gets a New Dashboard with Historical Data Import, Greater Customization, and More

Updated functionality means it's now possible to experiment with existing dashboards and create new ones without losing historical data.

The Arduino IoT Cloud platform now has a shiny new dashboard — which includes the ability to import historical data from multiple sources, customize dashboards through widgets, and instantly duplicate existing dashboards to try new things without risk.

"The new dashboard for the Arduino IoT Cloud comes with a host of enhanced features," says the Arduino team of the latest release. "It allows you to gather and display data from multiple IoT devices in one dashboard, and control those devices as required through your dashboard to fully integrate your solution.

"Using widgets to connect to the properties enables you to set up a new dashboard in minutes, and you can fully customize your dashboard by: Grouping devices however you like, dragging and dropping to rearrange the layout, and selecting from multiple options to visualise the data."

Other improvements include the ability to import historical data and to duplicate existing dashboards — both of which together put an end to the problem of losing data when attempting to create a new dashboard for an existing project.

The new Arduino IoT Cloud dashboard is now live on the official website.

Gareth Halfacree
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