Arduino IDE 2.0.0 Beta Gets Remote Sketchbook Synchronization with the Arduino Cloud

Two-button integration makes it easy to upload and download code, but lacks version control functionality.

Gareth Halfacree
20 days agoProductivity

The Arduino team has announced a new feature for the Arduino IDE 2 beta: Workbook synchronization with the Arduino Cloud for on-the-go coding.

"Currently you can work on Arduino sketches in the IDE on your computer. The files are stored there on your computer too. Unless you use a USB drive, or you’ve set up some kind of online file storage or backup option," the Arduino team explains. "If you want, you can upload the sketch file and work on it in your Arduino Cloud. That’s always been an option. It’s super useful as it means you don’t need to install the IDE to work on your code, since it’s all done in the web browser."

"The new remote sketchbook feature gives you a way to store, access and edit your code from the Cloud. No matter which computer you’re working from. Next to each sketch in your sketchbook are new 'Pull Sketch' and 'Push Sketch' buttons."

The feature is designed to effectively replace manual synchronization with Arduino Cloud or third-party services, though doesn't offer quite the same functionality as a true version control system like git. Its accessibility, though, can't be faulted: It's literally just two icons in the Arduino IDE.

"Once synced, you can access a sketch from other computers, devices, or directly from a web browser using Web Editor. And any changes you now make are synced across all devices," the Arduino team explains. "And you can still share remote sketches, just as you would with any others. By default they’re set to private, but you can change that to a shared sketch from your Arduino Cloud settings."

The remote sketchbook feature is being rolled out now in Arduino IDE 2.0.0-beta.8 and newer and can be used free of charge by anyone with an Arduino Cloud account, though the usual account limitations — including 100MB of sketch storage for free-tier members — apply.

A tutorial on the new feature is available on the Arduino website.

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