Arduino and Seeed Studio Announce Uno-Compatible, Grove-Based Arduino Sensor Kit

Built into a single circuit board, but with snap-out modules, the Arduino Sensor Kit includes a range of common inputs and outputs.

Arduino has announced a partnership with Seeed Studio to launch a Grove-based beginner's kit for use with the Arduino Uno and other pin-compatible development boards: the Arduino Sensor Kit.

Based on Seeed's earlier Grove Beginner Kit, the Arduino Sensor Kit is designed to be a plug-and-play expansion set for the Arduino Uno and pin-compatible microcontroller boards. Unusually, the kit is supplied as a single board: All Grove modules are wired to the central shield through the PCB, with no external wiring required unless snapped out and used as an external part.

The board includes a range of input and output devices: an LED, buzzer, 0.96" OLED display, button, rotary potentiometer, light sensor, microphone, temperature and humidity sensor, air pressure sensor, and accelerometer — the latter two communicating via the I2C bus.

The shield, which can also be broken out from the single PCB base, includes pass-through Arduino Uno-format headers, a pass-through ISP header, 3.3 and 5V selectable logic, a reset switch, power LED, and a selection of analogue, digital, and I2C Grove ports, plus another Grove port offering a UART serial bus.

Documentation is provided by Arduino itself, which includes step-by-step tutorials on using the kit and programming an Arduino Uno to use each of the bundled inputs and outputs — though this is supplied as a downloadable PDF, with no printed documentation to be found in the bundle.

The kit is now available on the Arduino Store and on Seeed Studio for only $23, or can be purchased in a bundle with an Uno board for $38.70.

Gareth Halfacree
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