Anders Johansson's Poseidon Aims to Get Your Pond and Garden Connected to the Internet of Things

Designed for modularity, Poseidon can check water quality, feed fish, and even irrigate your plants.

Anders Johansson's Poseidon is a five-part software stack designed with a singular purpose in mind: offering flexible control over a garden pond setup, running from a Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer (SBC).

"Poseidon is a modular control setup for your garden pond for sensors and switches," Johansson explains. "Monitoring is done with the TICK stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf and Kapacitor) accompanied by a Python Flask web server for the control and quick overview. All is (in my setup) running on a Raspberry Pi 4. The InfluxDB creates some CPU spikes but there is plenty of power over to serve the relevant stuff and UI [User Interface] experience is smooth."

Poseidon is a modular design, split into five parts β€” each of which can, Johansson claims, be run independently "with some tweaking:" Fishfeeder, which controls servos connected to a Wemos D1 Mini microcontroller board to feed koi carp; Water Control, which handles topping up the pond, controlling water features, and watering the plants in the garden; Water Quality, which uses Atlas Scientific sensors in a sieve filter connected to an Arduino Uno to keep an eye on the water; Pond Control, the central controller; and the web server which provides a user interface.

"The interaction with the pond is mainly done via the web app where you can control timers or interactive feeding, water on/off etc," Johansson explains. "For more details and long term trends you have that in the Chronograf or Grafana which visualize the DB data. Chronograf has a few nice predefined dashboards both for [Raspberry Pi] resource (CPU, mem…) usage and also the sensor values from the pond."

Full details, including a getting started guide β€” in which Johansson warns that "there may be hard-coded assumptions" which need correcting for anyone only seeking to replicate part of the system rather than the whole shebang β€” are available on the Poseidon GitHub repo, where the source code is published under an unspecified open source license.

Gareth Halfacree
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