Anavi Technology Unveils ESP8266-Powered Thermometer Development Board

Anavi Technology (software engineer Leon Anavi) already has a series of open-source Raspberry Pi HAT modules under their belt that is…

Cabe Atwell
2 years agoInternet of Things

Anavi Technology (software engineer Leon Anavi) already has a series of open source Raspberry Pi HAT modules under their belt, which are geared toward designing IoT applications using a myriad of different sensors. The company is now set to release another development board to their lineup with the Anavi Thermometer — an ESP8266-based board outfitted with a DHT22 temp/humidity sensor that can be utilized for everything from monitoring fish tanks to home automation.

While the ESP8266 provides the Thermometer with 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi capabilities, the board is equipped with several slots for additional sensors beyond the DHT22 — including a waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensor and mini OLED display via I2C. It also provides UART pins for flashing firmware and debugging options. Anavi states that these features make the Thermometer an excellent development tool for makers, developers, and students alike.

As far as coding is concerned, the Anavi Thermometer is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE, PlatformIO, and Home Assistant via the MQTT messaging protocol. The Thermometer isn’t yet available, however, the company is looking to launch the board sometime soon on Crowd Supply. In the meantime, since both the hardware and software are open source, all the necessary files and code are currently up on Anavi’s GitHub page for those who would rather build their own thermometer instead of purchasing one when the campaign goes live.

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