ANAVI Has a Pair of New OSHWA-Certified Boards, the Smiley and Tag Manager

The Smiley is a simple add-on for the Raspberry Pi, while the Tag Manager is a WiFi dev board for the PN532 NFC RFID module.

Cabe Atwell
4 years agoSensors
The Smiley add-on board features a pair of LEDs and a single pushbutton.

Bulgarian startup ANAVI Technology has announced the Open Source Hardware Association’s (OSHWA) certification of the company’s Smiley add-on board and the Tag Manager Wi-Fi development board.

While a lot of hardware and software claim to be open source, that not always the case as some clauses can force users to pay royalties for selling products based on the original designs or a host of other amenities restricting use. That’s where the OSHWA comes in, as the Association restricts those clauses through legal certifications, making sure those platforms remain genuinely open source.

Anyone can have their board certified open source by applying for a Certification Mark License Agreement, where it will then undergo a review to make sure it conforms to the Association’s requirements. Once certified, a unique code is issued denoting country of origin and ID number that will remain for the life of the platform, or until the creator/s remove the item from certification. ANAVI Technology has been certifying their hardware and software systems via OSHWA for years, and as mentioned above, their latest offerings have received accreditation.

ANAVI's Smiley (UID BG000061) is a simplistic add-on board for the Raspberry Pi that offers a pair of programmable LEDs and a singlepush button, which can be incorporated into nearly any project with ease.

The company’s other unit, the Tag Manager (UID BG000062), is an ESP8266-equipped Wi-Fi dev board outfitted with a PN532 NFC RFID breakout designed for use with smart locks and contactless payment system. The board is powered through its micro USB port and features slots for UART pins, mini OLED display, and up to three I2C sensor modules.

More information on the Smiley and Tag Manager can be found on ANAVI's site.

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