An Affordable Arduino-Powered Bionic Hand

An affordable robotic arm that is operated with Arduino Nanos.

Modern robotics is full of some amazing things, like Boston Dynamics backflipping robots, but the hardware associated with these robots comes at a fairly steep cost. An industrial robotic arm can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $400,000 and that price tag can stop a hobbyist or tinkerer from experimenting with robotics. Youbionic is intending to change this with its new affordable bionic arm.

Federico Ciccarese, the founder behind Youbionic, belives that the barrier to entry into robotics shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. For under $250, you can assemble and begin experimenting with natural human movement in robotics with the Youbionic Human Arm. Ciccarese created the Youbionic Human Arm in an effort to both lower the bar of entry into robotics but also potentially create robotic products that can help assist humans in various situations.

"It could be used by law enforcement in dangerous situations, in rescue operations, in the medical field, on assembly lines in the industrial sector, and so on. We have carried out a meticulous study of the human arm, both for the proportions and structure, but also for the movements, accelerations decelerations, movements, etcetera" - Federico Ciccarese founder of Youbionic
Youbionic Human Arm in motion (📹:Youbionic)

The Youbionic Human Arm is an affordable way for developers to start experimenting with high-value robotic skills. If your itching to get an extra hand to start tinkering with, the 3D printing files and full documentation are available on his website for the only $97.

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