Amber B1 Is a Budget-Friendly, 7-Axis Robotic Arm

This modular, industrial-grade robot can automate production, simplify complex tasks, streamline operations, and more.

Cabe Atwell
23 days agoRobotics / Internet of Things

Amber Robotics has launched its B1 seven-axis, budget-friendly, industrial-level robotic arm with native Ethernet support. The desktop robotic arm offers a 3kg payload, a 581 mm reach, 0.05 mm repeatability, and is 100% safeguarded when working around people.

“The Amber B1 is a new and innovative design that delivers power, precision, and human-like movement across seven axes to automate production, simplify complex tasks, streamline operations, and boost productivity,” the Amber team explains. “The birth of the Amber B1 could surely breakthrough the old limits of the service robotic industry.”

The B1 features bionic adapter force control from the company’s DC servo motors with standard encoders and is powered by the Raspberry Pi 4. Each joint of the robotic arm uses an AIOS (All In One Servo) platform that incorporates a brushless servo, a high-torque density outer rotor motor, a high precision Harmonic Drive reducer, and encoders. What’s more, it boasts a modular design where each actuator can be independently modified, replaced, or exchanged to suit different applications.

Each actuator also natively supports Ethernet up to 100 Mbps, which can be adapted for any number of different projects. The Amber B1 can be used for many different applications right out of the box, including assembly, chip installation, PnP, engraving, welding, machine operation, and more. Amber is currently crowdfunding the B1 7-axis robot on Kickstarter with pledges starting at $3,999, which gets pledgers the B1, a Raspberry Pi 4, Pi power cable, emergency stop button, network cable, and an SNP-A239-M power supply.

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