All-Wheel Electric Bobby Car Created From a Pair of Hoverboards and Xbox 360 Controllers

This project puts four 350W hoverboard motors in a Bobby Car toy vehicle giving it independent 4WD and a top speed of 18mph.

The engineers over at IVC have modded a children’s Bobby Car using a pair of hoverboards, turning it into an all-wheel-drive electric vehicle that has a top speed of 18mph. In fact, the only thing left from the original toy car is the plastic body, but even portions of that had to be modified as well to fit an aluminum mounting plate for the rear wheels, while the front steering assembly had to be replaced with 3D-printed parts.

IVC designed the E-Bobby Car around two dismantled hoverboards, which breaks down to one motor for each wheel, providing the vehicle with all-wheel drive. A couple of Xbox 360 controllers were cannibalized for their potentiometers, which act as throttle and brake triggers, along with two buttons that turn on/off each motor controller for FWD, BWD, and AWD. Most of the steering wheel assembly was made from scratch, with only the original steering wheel utilized for incorporating the throttle and breaking triggers.

IVC also retained the original hoverboard’s motor controllers, which are outfitted with STM32F103 Arm Cortex-M3 MCUs for independent wheel control, and mounted in the rear of the car using custom 3D-printed brackets. Powering the E-Bobby Car is a single 4.4Ah 10S2P 36V Lithium-ion battery taken from one of the hoverboards, which packs 20x Samsung ICR18650 3.7V 2200mAh cells with a BMS (Battery Management System) already incorporated.

The E-Bobby car was programmed for four modes of driving, including Mode 1 (Safe, max speed 3km/h), Mode 2 (Slow, 6km/h), Mode 3 (normal, 12km/h), and Mode 4 (Fast, 22km/h, and with turbo, 29km/h), each denoted with automated beeps correlating to each mode. For those interested in recreating the Electric Booby Car, IVC has uploaded a detailed walkthrough on their project page, complete with links to files, schematics, and firmware.

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