Adafruit's Cyberdeck Bonnet Brings Add-On Hardware to Your Raspberry Pi 400 — at a Jaunty Angle

Supporting all small-form factor Bonnet, micro-HAT, and pHAT accessories, the add-on board also includes STEMMA ports.

Adafruit has launched an add-on that holds its Bonnet hardware at the rear of the all-in-one Raspberry Pi 400 single-board computer at a jaunty angle: the Cyberdeck Bonnet for Raspberry Pi 400.

Designed as the first "consumer product" from Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi 400 takes the core hardware from the popular Raspberry Pi 4 family of single-board computers and packs it - with a hefty heatsink and a healthy overclock - into a keyboard as an all-in-one device inspired by the eight-bit systems of Atari, Acorn, Commodore, Sinclair, and more.

The move to a new form factor brought with it a key compatibility issue, however: While the 40-pin general-purpose input/output (GPIO) header common to the Raspberry Pi range since the Raspberry Pi Model B+ extended the original board's 24-pin design is present and correct, it's located at the rear and flipped - meaning any add-ons you fit are both upside down and facing away from you as you use the keyboard.

Designed for Bonnets and other micro-HAT-style add-ons, the Cyberdeck Bonnet also includes STEMMA connectors. (📷: Adafruit)

The Adafruit Cyberdeck Bonnet looks to fix that, at least for the more compact Bonnet-style add-ons the company has produced. "It’s a major upgrade to our extender board," the company writes: "Now you can jack in any Pi Bonnet into the back of your Pi 400’s skull at a cool angle, perfect for augmenting your deck! We also give you two STEMMA (JST 3-PH) connectors on GPIO #18 and #13, and twin STEMMA QT I2C port plugs, for additional upgrades."

As well as Adafruit's own Bonnet range, the add-on - which uses an angled GPIO connector so the board doesn't sit at a 90 degree angle and cause eye-strain — should be compatible with any other Raspberry Pi GPIO-connected hardware, though only the more compact mini-HAT and pHAT designs will have enough clearance above the keyboard.

The Adafruit Cyberdeck Bonnet is available on the company store priced at $6.95 — though use of the STEMMA ports will require additional cables, if you haven't any in your parts drawer already.

Gareth Halfacree
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