A Hands-On Review of the PITAKA MagHive Smart Reminder System Just Launched on Kickstarter

The first thing you notice about PITAKA’s MagHive wall-mounted smart reminder system is the striking design. It’s composed of beautiful…

Cameron Coward
4 years agoInternet of Things

The first thing you notice about PITAKA’s MagHive wall-mounted smart reminder system is the striking design. It’s composed of beautiful hexagonal wood modules that snap together magnetically into whatever pattern you choose. The modules come in a variety of wood tones, and together they almost look like modern wall art.

But, the MagHive isn’t just decoration — it packs a variety of features designed to help you go about your day. There are three types of modules available right now: the main unit with the touchscreen, a NFC reader unit, and a QI wireless charging unit. The NFC reader and QI wireless charging modules have magnetic surfaces, so you can simply stick on your key chain or phone (though you will need a MagCase for your phone to do that).

The touchscreen module will show the time, weather, and timed notifications. But, the real selling point is the Zen-Alert NFC-triggered notification system. Simply put a magnetic NFC card in your wallet, or NFC tag on your key chain, and then set up some reminders to be activated when you arrive at home or leave. When you grab your keys or wallet off of the MagHive, it will automatically show you the reminder.

While testing out the system, I found setting up the provided NFC tags to be a snap. You start by downloading the MagMemo app and pairing it with the MagHive. Multiple phones can be paired in order to create profiles for everyone in your family. Then just put a tag on the reader and choose which profile you want to associate it with.

If you’ve got kids, you can even set up special features to notify you if they haven’t left for school or come home by a particular time. If, for example, they haven’t put their keys on the MagHive by 4pm, you can get a notification on your phone so you can check up on them. It’s a simple solution to the problem of keeping tabs on your kids.

At this time, the primary functions of the MagHive are weather updates and reminders, but there is certainly potential for additional features to be added later. For example, MagHive is already adding a new feature not present on my test unit: BlueTooth connectivity between modules. That will allow you to place your charger on one wall, and your touchscreen on another — or any combination that suits your needs.

My review unit is a pre-production prototype that didn’t have that feature, so I couldn’t test it, but PITAKA should have it ready by the time it gets into consumer hands. They’ve just launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which will run until July 8th. A standard package with the touchscreen, NFC, and QI charging modules will cost you CA$339 (about $262 USD) if you snag a super early biard special. Kickstarter backers can expect to receive their rewards in September.

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