2022 RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference Event Recap

A look back at the RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference, which took place in early June 2022.

It was a great virtual RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference, which was held from May 27th to June 3rd, 2022 with about 22,000 Online attendees around the globe!

The conference (China Session and the Global Session) has featured 60 trending topics from various industry partners. In this article, I'm going to focus on its Global Session, the conference has come up with many impressive topics, here I'd like to highlight some.

Henson, who is the RT-Thread Support Team Manager, shared about "The Power of the RT-Thread is the Power of its Community where he provided the updates about the RT-Thread changelog and roadmap and the RT-Thread Smart for a better Linux ecosystem compatibility and better development experience.

Another interesting topic is the "Advanced Endpoint Intelligence with Renesas" presented by Mohammed Dogar who is the Vice President of Renesas Electronics Corporation. From his presentation, it is clearly that endpoint intelligence is much needed for real time response, security & data privacy, efficiency & low power, and achieving low cost. He also highlighted that the convergence of AI and IoT is a mega trend that cannot be ignored. Dogar also mentioned that with the comprehensive offering by Renesas for hardware, software, tools and ecosystem that will provide all the building blocks for developers to unleash their creativity. Do check out the Renesas' website for more details.

With the popularization of RISC-V, Stephano Cetola, Director of Technical Programs for RISC-V International, projected that there will be nearly 80 billion RSIC-V CPU cores by 2025! Currently, there are 2,700 RISC-V members across 70 countries (a rapid growth of 134% in 2021). StarFive, Shenzhen Seeed Studio, and BeagleBoard debuted the world's first RISC-V single-board PC Beagle-V based on Linux. Cetola also shared the presentation slide on his website.

Stéphane Rainsard, GC&SA MCU Technical Marketing Section Manager of STMicroelectronics, shared about the STM32 AI offering by introducing the STM32Cube.AI, which helps accelerate the embedded development leveraging on the state-of-the-art optimization running on STM32 ecosystem. RT-Thread AI-kit using STM32Cube.AI is an example of ecosystem partnership. For more details on the STM32 AI offering, check out the STMicroelectronics' ecosystem.

During the conference, Brendon Slade, Director of the NXP General-Purpose MCU Ecosystem team, introduced the NXP GUI Guider — a user-friendly GUI (with drag-and-drop support) development tool from NXP that enables the rapid development of high-quality displays with the open source LVGL graphics library. More devices and features will be supported in 2022!

On the topic of GUI, Gábor Kiss-Vámosi, founder and one of the main contributors of the LVGL open source graphics library, showed how to create an impressive GUI in minutes with SquareLine Studio for RT-Thread powered boards.

Robert Ling, Senior Technical Manager at Nuvoton Technology Corporation shared a topic on Unleash the RT-Thread Power by NuMicro M2354 Series. Nuvoton Technology is a leading semiconductor manufacturer and worked closely with the open source RT-Thread organization, Robert was sharing a great presentation to help us to know more about Nuvoton and its technology.

One last topic that I think worth mentioning is the one by Robin Mitchell from Electropages, which is "The Trouble With Documentation and Modern Code." Mitchell shared that a proper written documentation is so important as the sole purpose of a documentation is to educate others that are not involved with the initial design and development stage. He highlighted on his blog regarding his thought on why there are lots of poorly written documentation out there:

The common theme between engineers and documentation is that engineers write documentation from their perspective knowledge and assume the reader has the same level of knowledge. Why this is the case is unclear; it could be due to laziness, it could be due to lack of empathy for the reader, it could be the difficulty and time faced with writing well-written documentation, or it could be a trait found in those from academic backgrounds (mathematicians are notorious for this).

If you missed the virtual conference, you could visit the recorded live stream on YouTube, Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

Thank you to all the 29 speakers for the contribution to the conference — Bernard Xiong, RT-Thread; Guo Zhanxin, RT-Thread; Mohammed Dogar, Renesas Electronics Corporation; Stephano Cetola, RISC-V International; Ori Leibovich, CEVA; Jacob Beningo, Shi Wei, RT-Thread, Patrick Yang, WCH Microelectronics; Yang Wu, RT-Thread; Stanley Lwin, Stéphane Rainsard, ST Microelectronics; Robert Ling, Nuvoton; Brendon Slade, NXP Semiconductor; Fei Zhendong, Dirceu R. Rodrigues Jr., Lyon, Dr Leow Cheah Wei, Nicola di Gruttola Giardino, Josh Zou, Gábor Kiss-Vámosi, LVGL; Loay Yari, Mark Smith & Eric Zhong & Steve Gal ,Geehy Semiconductor USA; Lance Harvie, Wen Cabrel, Robin Mitchell, Flávio Ipiranga de Araújo Júnior, Tristan Ritchie, Kufirre Ebong, Recan.

A big shout out to the sponsors and partners that made the inspiring conference a great success.

Follow RT-Thread on their social media for more upcoming activities:

Thank you, and see you again next year!

Vincent Kok
Community Evangelist, Maker, a STEM AI Robotics advocate in the EdTech industry.
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