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This is a custom board created for our MyOctopus Smart Home platform.
We created it to allow our AI / ML running on Intel Edison to monitor the air pressure in the environment and to easily access and store data readouts from the sensors. This sensor board can measure pressure 300 … 1100 hPa.

  • The chip is mounted on a thin light PCB octogonal board.
  • It can operate in the I²C Standard, Fast and High Speed modes (up to 3.4 MHz)
  • 2 available I2C addresses: 0x76 0x77
  • Temperature range -40 … +85 °C
  • Pressure range 300 … 1100 hPa
  • Pressure resolution 0.16 Pa
  • Temperature resolution 0.01°C
  • Current consumption 2.7μA @ 1 Hz sampling rate
  • Supply: 1.71V - 4.25V


  • Octagonal Sensor Board: - Diameter 11mm
  • Resistors / Capacitors: "0201" - 0.6 mm × 0.3 mm
  • BMP280 Package: 8-pin LGA metal-lid
  • BMP280 Footprint : 2.0 × 2.5 mm², height: 0.95 mm

PINOUT: Pinout Diag MO BMP280 Rev 1

Pinout & Detailed Specs on GitHub

Remote & Base Sensor Station - Now with IoT!
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This is a project I put together that is basically two sensor stations: a base and a remote station.

The Sensometer: 22+ Sensors
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Work in progress

This is the "Sensometer", a great example of IoT! Get all sensors working at once!

Living Space web APP
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Work in progress

Moving Somewhere New? Want to know the climate of a location with amenities nearby ? Use LIVING SPACE APP to find that perfect location.

Sleep Quality Monitor
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Monitor the quality of your sleep and live better.

Sleep Quality Monitor

Team SrVassili

BMP180 Interfacing with Raspberry Pi in Detail
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Full instructions

BMP180 Interfacing with Raspberry Pi in Detail by using JAVA and Pi4J Library.

BMP180 Interfacing with Arduino in Depth
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This video is all about interfacing BMP180 module with Arduino. BMP180 will help us to measure environmental temperature and pressure.

Wireless Weather Station
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How I made a weather station.

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