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Search the web, play music, turn up the volume, switch between applications, and more. Myo reads gestures and motion to let you seamlessly control technology, touch-free.

Comes with:

  • 1 Black or White Myo Armband
  • 1 Standard Micro-USB Cable
  • 1 Bluetooth® Adapter for Mac and Windows PC Connection
  • 10 Myo Sizing Clips
  • Access to applications through Myo Market
Gestured Controlled Smart Home
  • 11,601
  • 29

Work in progress

Not only this project has all the Smart Home features but it also includes MYO gesture control, allowing control of lights with your arm.

MyoDrone, the Selfie Drone
  • 2,316
  • 25

Full instructions

The selfie-drone that's controlled with your hand gestures.

BLE Proximity-based Switch
  • 7,381
  • 11

Full instructions

Switches on a relay when BLE device is in range

The Red Light - BeagleBone + Myo Controlled Bike Lights
  • 881
  • 11

Full instructions

A muscle and motion sensor controlled push bike turn and stop signalling system for safe riding at night.

Project Elixia
  • 2,200
  • 16

Full instructions

A tap-styled game where you can play to the beats and rythm to any music!

Project Elixia

Team Project Elixea

Control your Drone Swarm with Hand Gestures
  • 1,572
  • 6

Full instructions

By connecting your Myo armband and Parrot drones to your Octoblu account, you can seamlessly control a swarm of drones with hand gestures.

  • 324
  • 0

Full instructions

A virtual reality Street Fighter game, built with Myo and Kinect. Completed at MHacks IV in 36 hours

  • 95
  • 0

Control Your Robots with Myo gestures


by Ali ElShakankiri, ogouda, Craig D'Souza on

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