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Windows IoT Device
Rapidly prototype and build your Windows IoT solutions on a variety of devices running Windows 10 IoT Core. Windows 10 gives you powerful tools that let you develop fast and deploy to your device.

Device connectivity
Leverage the power of open frameworks like Connect-the-Dots to help connect your devices to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure allows you to implement great solutions by leveraging advanced analytics services.

Maker community
Connect with other makers to share code and make contributions through GitHub. Join the community to influence future releases of the SDK.

Custom Object Tracking With Windows 10 IOT core
  • 859
  • 7

Track and create custom objects like switches across a room with a camera so that one can open up new interaction models in IOT space!

Machine Learning with Windows 10 IoT Core
  • 2,737
  • 19

Use machine learning with IoT to identify and connect with common scenarios in life (for example, webcam-based door security).

  • 25,156
  • 144

A clone of a popular Magic Mirror project completly rewritten for UWP, with voice recognition to show upcoming news.

Windows 10 IoT Core: UltraSonic Distance Mapper
  • 34,714
  • 100

Scan and draw ruff sketch of distances ahead just like RADAR using UltraSonic Distance Sensor.

Closed Loop Control, Remote Sensors and Remote UX on RPi3
  • 70,347
  • 142

Use a PID Controller to monitor a wheel's speed and consistently reach the desired RPM.

UAV Arduino
Super hard
  • 8,537
  • 59

This is one of my personal budget/project made for University to graduate. This Airplane (UAV) is made fully homemade using only arduino.

Smart Garden Drip Irrigation
  • 4,844
  • 31

Timer for watering the garden on a flexible, web set schedule that compensates for weather forecasts of rain and existing soil moisture.

Plot My Face
  • 11,305
  • 31

Using Windows 10 IoT Core's new Lightning API, I built a Face Plotter.

Plot My Face

Team Windows IoT

Smart Home Dashboard
  • 13,641
  • 35

Touch screen enabled dashboard to show an overview of and allow controlling your lights, locks, and other smart home devices.

Low-cost Home Automation with Voice Control
  • 14,671
  • 27

An inexpensive open-source home automation solution for low income individuals.

TurBo Turtle-like roBot
  • 413
  • 2

Holonomic robot using three Rotacaster wheels. Able to drive in any direction and turn while driving. Windows 10 IoT, RPi2, BrickPi, LegoNXT

AllJoyn/AutoRemote Garage Door Control Win10 IoT
  • 2,496
  • 10

Garage door control using a PiFace Digital 2 and Raspberry Pi 2 running Windows 10 IoT via AllJoyn/AutoRemote/IFTTT/Adafruit IO.

Azure remote switching system
  • 3,619
  • 22

Control your home devices from anywhere around the globe, powered by Microsoft Azure

Volunteer Manager (IoT)
  • 1,209
  • 18

Volunteer Management IoT App

Windows 10 IoT Core : Hydroflyer
  • 13,516
  • 44

Modify RC boat and maneuver using Windows Phone or Window Laptop.

Face Detection in Windows 10 IoT core with Oxford Project
  • 7,478
  • 48

When someone show in the camera which is run on Raspberry Pi 2 with Windows 10 IoT Core, your phone will get notification that who it is.

Remote Heart Rate Monitor
  • 5,060
  • 19

Monitoring the heart rate of somebody, and alerting somebody else when the heart rate is out of set range

Restful Weather
  • 7,732
  • 35

Weather/Environment logging on a Raspberry Pi 2 running Windows IoT that is integrated with Adafruit.IO via restful services

Remote Control Panel for Solar Charger/Inverter
  • 2,235
  • 11

Create a rs232 to WiFi bridge and extend the control panel to an app on a phone to allow status monitoring and adjustment.

Use Scratch on Win IoT to control a Raspberry Pi wheeler
  • 2,653
  • 10

MIT's Scratch extension to control a wheeled robot written for the Raspberry PI using Windows IoT and the PiFace board.

Acoustic Localisation
  • 2,242
  • 26

Acoustic Localisation using TivaC Texas Instruments launchpad.

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