UV Exposure
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Personal UV exposure tracker and weather map api checking the uv prediction and alerting user for UV or carrying an umbrella in case it rain

Lights Camera Action
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Work in progress

It's a funny shower idea, where I shout Lights Camera Action and Alexa triggers specific actions.

AlexaPi - Who's at my Door
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Work in progress

Using Alexa voice service and Raspberry PI and camera, make a smart door bell to identify whos at the door and take a message if you're out.

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 Parth Singh hasn't replicated any projects yet.

Intel Arduino 101 BLE Blynk Tank
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Full instructions

Intel Arduino 101 based tank using Blue Tooth Low Energy to communicate with a Blynk remote control on your phone.

Pebble to Edison
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Work in progress

Use the Pebble to control executable files on the Intel Edison.

Alexabot: Amazon Alexa Controlled Robot With Raspberry Pi
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Full instructions

Building a voice controlled robot with the Raspberry Pi and GoPiGo.

  • Alexa, Who's At The Door? 3 months ago

    I am hardly a database designer and a noobie in JS so its gonna take a while ;)
    I am planning offline setups for face recognition.
    I was playing around with your project today and after a couple of hiccups got it to start without any errors, but while testing it with alexa, i get "The remote endpoint could not be called, or the response it returned was invalid." response from lambda.

  • Alexa, Who's At The Door? 3 months ago

    I started my project AlexaPi whos at my door https://goo.gl/zof3BT last week thinking it was a great idea..I saw yours and do like it a lot! You beat me to it :P lol

  • Twitter Dogs 2: Electric Woofaloo 5 months ago

    Hey Martin,
    I can't open the project files using Intel XDK as it says - The project files were created by an older release of Intel XDK and cannot be read unless its upgraded.
    How do I upgrade the project files?

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