Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Master 7zdkzuzast
Theremino - Master V5
Adafruit industries ada62 image 75px
USB-A to B Cable
Theremino Microchip PIC 24
Software apps and online services:
Microsoft windows 10
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015


Theremino Master V5
The Master V5 in not really needed, to understand and work with slots, but can help to interact with the real world of sensors and actuators.
Theremino master v5 zs824jgz1m


Theremino SlotViewerC/C++
The Theremino system modular applications communicate through the Slots. The Viewer displays the SLOTS status and allows you to adjust them manually.
Please downlaod the latest relase from here:
or go to the relate page on Theremino web site here:



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