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Windows 10 Core IoT Magic Mirror
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A simple solution for a Magic Mirror using only HTML and some Javascript.

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  • Windows 10 Core IoT Magic Mirror 18 days ago

    hi. make sure you have the right project selected.
    new project > other Languages > Javascript > Windows > Universall > WinJS App ( Universal >Windows ) should be the right one.

    to change the location just write location: 'Hong Kong, HK',

  • Windows 10 Core IoT Magic Mirror 21 days ago

    A one-way mirror, also called two-way mirror, is a mirror that is partially reflective and partially transparent. When one side of the mirror is brightly lit and the other is dark, it allows viewing from the darkened side but not vice versa. Thats why you can only See the bright White Images from the other side in the Mirror. That means you need a monitor behind the Mirror

  • Windows 10 Core IoT Magic Mirror 21 days ago

    sure. i ordered mine from
    The delivery time is a bit long but it's worth it

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