Ankle Air Guitar Pedal
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Work in progress

Build an "invisibe" expression pedal for your guitar with MCP41010 and Arduino Nano. It's awesome and simple. May the funk be with you.

ESP8266 and Adafruit Colour OLED
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Work in progress

I need to make ESP8266 work with Adafruit OLED for my project I will update my progress as I accomplish things.

Arduino Mp3 player + Distance sensor = FUN
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Full instructions

Trigger an mp3 effect when someone is passing by. Three different projects for three different levels of coding.

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Electric Pump Water Pistol
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Full instructions

Want to have fun cooling off on a hot summer day with a water gun battle?

Electric Pump Water Pistol

RobotGeek Projects Team

A Christmas Tree that Beats with Your Heart
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Full instructions

ProtoCentral's Christmas tree tracks your pulse with a pulse -oximeter and glows in sync with your heart rythm. Here is how we made it.

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Work in progress

Fleet-tracking and safety/status monitoring system for river guide operations.


Team illperipherals

  • Distance Sensor and OLED about 6 hours ago

    That LCD of yours works with a HD44780 chip.
    There is a lot of tutorials about it, just search
    'HD44780 arduino tutorial" in Google.

    If you have any problem comment here and i Will help you

  • A Christmas Tree that Beats with Your Heart 17 days ago

    This is actually really nice and inspiring.
    Next christmas i Will try something similar

  • Distance Sensor and OLED 2 months ago

    I need more info of what you did to help you.

    Guess toughts: problem with The wiring or problem with The power source

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