Solar Charged Battery Powered Arduino Uno
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Work in progress

A time switching battery powered solar charged circuit, used to power an Arduino Uno and some peripherals

Wi-fi Controlled FPV Rover Robot (with Arduino and ESP8266)
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Full instructions

This project shows how to design a wi-fi remotely controlled two-wheeled robotic rover, using an Arduino Uno and an ESP8266.

Robô da Alegria ("Joy Robot")
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Work in progress

"Robô da Alegria" is a project to help the interaction with kids in children's hospitals.

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Red Balloon
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Full instructions

This is a great project you can make with your kids to raise their awareness to air pollution.

Exploration Vehicle (Powered by Azure)
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Full instructions

My first steps on the way to the Star Gate exploration robot backed up by Azure infrastructure.

Using a Wii Nunchuk with Arduino
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Full instructions

How to hack a Wii Nunchuk to make it work with Arduino.

  • Using a Wii Nunchuk with Arduino 9 days ago

    Very good!!!
    Is it possible to add more than one nunchuck at the same Arduino?

  • Solar Charged Battery Powered Arduino Uno 19 days ago

    Thanks, man!
    The charger module regulates the output voltage (to the battery) to 4.2V, and controls current to properlly charge the battery. It also starts charging automatically and have some indication LEDs.
    I believe it will work with your battery.

  • Solar Charged Battery Powered Arduino Uno 29 days ago

    Thanks for your comment. You are right on your considerations.
    Using a stand alone chip will reduce the consumption a lot. But in my application, there are some sensors that also consume a lot of power (more than my Arduino does). The dust sensor, for instance, has a heating internal resistor, and it needs to be "on" for some minutes before I can make my measurements.
    This way, I needed a circuit that could cut the power for all the peripherals.
    In fact my circuit isn't optimised yet. I intend to replace the relay for a MOSFET, for instance, to reduce the battery consumption. I also wanted to keep my standard Arduino Uno. :D

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