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The Hologram Dash is a cellular development kit for rapid application development. It can be used for prototyping, as cellular gateways, or as modules embedded within a final product. Because the hardware and firmware are open source, the Hologram Dash can scale with your production, even to the point of embedding the reference design within your own designs.

  • Cortex M4 user-programmable module
  • Stock software provides zero-config serial and USB cellular cloud gateway capabilities—just insert a SIM and deploy!
  • Lowest cost of entry for cellular connectivity: connect a device to our global cellular network in under 10 minutes
  • Integrated battery and power management
  • Cloud data logger, webhooks, and third-party integrations
  • Advanced security out of the box, including AES 256 encryption and advanced identification
  • On-board diagnostics, watchdog, developer workbench, and reset/recovery via dedicated Hologram System Module
Simple Cellular GPS Asset Tracker w/real-time web app
  • 2,583
  • 17

Full instructions

Self contained cellular GPS tracker. Ever wanted to spy on bad guys? Now you can, watch as they drive around doing bad guy stuff!

Cellular Connected Power Outlet
  • 1,834
  • 18

Full instructions

Usually, you might use WiFi to control your IoT projects at home, but what do you do when your WiFi is down?

Soil Moisture Sensor Over Cellular for Remote Garden Plot
  • 885
  • 7

Full instructions

Remotely monitor soil moisture of your off-site garden plot. Data is plotted in a cloud service so you know when to go and water!

Aggro-Crag-in-Real-Life-Button and Leader Board
  • 1,376
  • 7

Full instructions

This is a cellular-connected internet button placed in a remote location. Hit the button, enter your initials, and get recognized

SMS-Based Fireworks Detonator
  • 747
  • 6

Full instructions

Safely detonate your fireworks from far away using an SMS-based remote detonator.

Hologram Dash GPS and Temperature Sensor Box
  • 859
  • 5

Full instructions

A GPS and temperature sensor built on the Hologram Dash for asset tracking or outdoor monitoring.

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