Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Medium-Density Fiber (MDF) Board, 1/4-Inch
Wood, 1"x2"
8 Ft
Wood, 1"x3"
8 Ft
Wheel, 6-Inch
Swivel Caster
Geared 12V DC Motor
Shaft Hub, 4 mm
A000066 iso both
Arduino Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO
Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack
Portible USB Charger
L298n Motor Driver
12002 04
Breadboard (generic)
Parallax PAM-7Q GPS Module
Adafruit HMC5833l Compass
HC-05 Bluetooth Module
M3 Nuts and Bolts
M5 Nuts, Bolts, and Washers
#4 x 1" Nuts and Bolts
#6 x 1" Wood Screws
#10 Nuts, Bolts, and Washers
1/2" Washer
Nails, 1"
11026 02
Jumper wires (generic)
Adafruit industries ada592 image 75px
USB-A to Micro-USB Cable
Picture Hanging Command Strips
1 Pack
Software apps and online services:
Ide web
Arduino Arduino IDE
Blynk logo avatars
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
09507 01
Soldering iron (generic)
Electric Drill

Custom parts and enclosures

Motor Mount
Motor mount used to mount DC motor to chassis. Mounts motor by clamping. STL file for 3D printing.
Wheel Hub Adapter
Hub/adapter to adapt a 4mm motor shaft hub to the 6-inch wheel. STL file for 3D printing.
Swivel Wheel Mount
A mount to attach the swivel wheel to the wooden frame of the chassis. STL file for 3D printing.
Actuator Attachment
Attaches the actuator arm to the top of the cooler lid.
Cooler Servo Mount
Mounts the servo inside the cooler.
Servo Horn Adapter
Attaches the servo horn to the actuator arm.
Lid Actuator Arm
Actuator arm for the motorized lid.
Pivot Cap 65
Cap for the the actuator attachment.
Pivot Cap 68
Cap for the servo horn attachment.


Circuit Diagram
Cooler diagram ai7q6uo55s


Source Code
This code should be loaded on your Arduino Uno. It powers the cooler base platform and servo motor.


Comp 1 00001 tdk87lplg5
Hacker House

Hacker House is a team of two engineers that make instructional DIY videos about robotics, software, and other cool tech related projects.



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