BLElectric Light 101
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Full instructions

An Arduino 101 based 3D printed light bulb inspired by Thomas Edison and controlled over BLE using the Web Bluetooth API.

Project ICICLE
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Work in progress

ICICLE: Intelligent Control of Internal CLimate Equalization. Use localized control to ensure building wide climate control.

Project ICICLE

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A voice controlled, arduino101 based mobile robot

Project replicas 2

Arduino/Genuino 101 BLE Thermometer With TMP102 and Blynk
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Full instructions

Here is how to make an Arduino/Genuino 101 Bluetooth Low Energy thermometer with TMP102 and Blynk.

How to Make a Solenoid-Engine Car
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Full instructions

Make your own solenoid-engine car. With solenoid engines, the driving force is electromagnetism.

Triggering littleBits w/ Node.js Using Johnny-Five
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Full instructions

How to trigger a littleBits LED lights in realtime whenever a tweet is sent through the Twitter firehose with...

  • BLElectric Light 101 9 days ago


    Thanks! Let me know if you try one. I was surprised it printed so well with no supports.


  • How to Make a Solenoid-Engine Car 13 days ago

    Super, creative and a real beauty!

  • VoiceBot101 about 2 months ago


    Thank you!

    I just received the adafruit motor shield and it seems to work very well with the 101!


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