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With AIY Projects, makers can use AI to add natural human interaction to their own Raspberry Pi projects. Made by you with Google.

GooglePi - Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi
  • 29,632
  • 104

Full instructions

A DIY Google Home using your Raspberry Pi.

Headless Voice Activated Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi
  • 5,763
  • 31

Full instructions

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Google Assistant.

Nabaztag Gets a New Life With Google AIY
  • 3,552
  • 25

Full instructions

Nabaztag IoT devices were ahead of time and didn't survive. Now it's time to give it a new breath!

Internet Streaming Radio with Google AIY
  • 6,232
  • 25


Make a voice-activated Internet streaming radio with your Raspberry Pi and Google AIY. Can also be used to play MP3s or other audio files.

Candy Dispenser with Google Assistant
  • 8,344
  • 33

Full instructions

By using IFTTT, the Google Assistant API, and a Particle Photon, you can make a machine that gives out candy upon your request!

Add A Google Home Ligh Indicator for Voice Activated Google
  • 718
  • 4

Full instructions

Give your Google Assistant in Google Home on Raspberry Pi a light indicator.

Kit-Cat Clock - **Now with Google Voice**
  • 1,112
  • 9

Work in progress

"Whoa, I always feel like somebody's watching me." When you talk, you can't stress the importance of eye contact. RaspPi + Google Voice.

DIY Dalek
  • 483
  • 6

Work in progress

Modify Google's AIY to produce responses with a Dalek sounding voice. Use the servo features to make the Dalek move around.

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