Where is my elevator? (Ist mein Aufzug schon da?)
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This project was created during the #DBhackathon, using open & sensor data to improve / innovate the service of public transportation (rail)

Complete Orientation in 3D space - LIDAR + 9DOF = 10DOF
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Full instructions

Always wanted to know the orientation of my laser distance measurement in 3D space: heading, roll, pitch and distance ready for new projects

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A #SmartHome without sensors is not smart. Let's change this. Therefore, we added a sensor (for VOC) to sniff in our home!


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Event Monitor for Independent Senior Citizens
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Cost and availability of retirement villages cause aging people to stay in their own homes. This system monitors their daily events.

Building a Raspberry Pi Smart Home
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A model smart home with temperature sensors, remote control LEDs, and a web UI

Toothbrush machine
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Because knowing how to build something doesn't always mean you should.

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