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The Esquilo Air is a complete IoT development system in the palm of your hand. Everything you need to create stand-alone Internet-enabled devices in minutes is built-in to the Esquilo hardware, including a web IDE with full source debugger. No cloud required.

Hardware Specs:

  • 120 MHz ARM Cortex-M4F
  • 1MB flash, 256KB SRAM, 8KB EEPROM
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Arduino UNO R3 shields
  • Hardware cryptography engine
  • Hardware floating point
  • 6-17V DC power input (or 5V via USB)
  • Micro-USB (for bootloader and USB CDC console)
  • Micro-SD with FAT32 support (up to 32 GB)
  • 46 digital I/Os (5V tolerant inputs)
  • Serial buses: 2 x SPI, 2 x I2C, 5 x UART, 1 x CAN
  • 18 PWM outputs
  • Quadrature digital input
  • 16 analog inputs with 16-bit resolution (4 differential)
  • Analog output with 12-bit resolution
  • Precision voltage reference
  • Analog comparator
Esquilo Air & HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Tutorial
  • 122
  • 6


This is a very simple example setup to show how to hook an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor up to an Esquilo Air.

Esquilo Grove Starter Kit Demos
  • 478
  • 9


This project includes a web-enabled demo for each module in the Grove Starter Kit for Arduino using the Esquilo Air.

Hunter Sprinkler WiFi Remote Control
  • 7,450
  • 22

Control your Hunter sprinkler system from anywhere in the world with this WiFi-connected remote control based on the Esquilo Air.

Esquilo Air and 1602A LCD Tutorial
  • 105
  • 4


This is a very simple example setup to show how to hook a 1602A LCD panel up to an Esquilo Air.

Drift Visualizer
  • 2,941
  • 48

Work in progress

An IoT solution to hack drifting. Gameification built around proximity sensors. Leaderboards by location. Drift into the Future!

Drift Visualizer

Team Drift Visualizer

IOT Sensor platform (Baby / weather monitor )
  • 5,449
  • 64

Full instructions

Using sensors to collect data such as weather and motion into a dashboard and alert users through text/email when important events occur.

Internet-enabled Candy Dispenser
  • 1,642
  • 7

Full instructions

Create an automatic candy dispenser using a 3D-printed auger, a servo, some PVC fittings - controlled from a web page over Wi-Fi.

Motion Director
  • 854
  • 16

Work in progress

Motion director allows you to use completely wireless gesture to control remote devices and actors.

Motion Director

Team Motion Directors

Remote LCD
  • 767
  • 20

Full instructions

Remote LCD message display with RGB backlight using Esquilo, controlled by a NetIO mobile app.

You Forgot to Take Your Pill
  • 175
  • 2

Using an Esquilo and accelerometer attached to a pill box, alert me if my pill box didn't move during the time I am supposed to take it.

Esquilo Air & 5161AS 1 digit 7 segment LED Tutorial
  • 192
  • 0


This is a simple example setup to show how to hook a 5161AS 1 digit 7 segment LED display to an Esquilo Air.

Esquilo Air & HC-SR04 + 1602 LCD Tutorial
  • 134
  • 0


This is a simple example setup to show how to hook an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor and an 1602A LCD panel up to an Esquilo Air.

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