IR LaunchPad to LaunchPad Communication
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Full instructions

Send text from one LaunchPad to another using the Grove IR emitter and receiver!

Making Old Things IoT - IR Control
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This project brings a pre-IoT audio receiver up to speed using Blynk and a TI Launchpad to send IR signals through WiFi from an iPhone.

$20 WiFi Connected Hardware Solution with ESP8266
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An example weather monitoring station to show how easy it is to connect a MSP430 LaunchPad to WiFi for ~$20 total!

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Ship IoT with the TI CC3100 and Google Sheets
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Full instructions

Mobile Measurement with LCD Display
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Full instructions

How to measure the range of a sub-1GHZ radio on the field, without a bulky and  costly equipment? Enters the MSP430FR6989 LaunchPad!

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inteligent postbox

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  • Making Old Things IoT - IR Control 9 months ago

    I'm actually using a CC3100 booster pack with an MSP430F5529 MCU to drive it. The emitter is tied to a specific timer in the library so unfortunately this code isn't as robust as other energia libraries. The receiver however works with any GPIO since it uses an ISR to monitor the incoming signal.

    The CC3200 will have a different set up for emitting and you will have to edit the code in the IRSendRevInt.h file in order to tie a pin to a timer to pwm a signal at 38 khz. This pin is then enabled/disabled in IRSendRev.cpp for certain time intervals to recreate the IR protocol.

    A little extra information on the IR protocol and interaction can be found here:

    Also more background information as to what I did to get this up and running can be found in my other project, here:

    Hopefully this is helpful. Feel free to follow up with more questions and I will try and assist as well as I can.

    Good luck!

  • Making Old Things IoT - IR Control 11 months ago

    Hey Gustavo I am glad you like my project!
    I have added the code sample for receiving under "IR Receiver" in the software portion. It is important to note that this code may not have perfect results for more difficult remote protocols. Fortunately the Bose protocol is relatively straight forward, but I also tried to get something working with the remote for my cable box and ran into issues!

    Feel free to send me a PM if you need help getting things up and running and I can try my best!

  • WiFi Vocabulary Builder over 1 year ago

    Thank you for the feedback! I was simply trying to stretch Temboo and call two different choreos from two different resources in the same function. Wordnik can definitely provide definitions and it would take care of the cases when Wolfram Alpha didn't have a definition available.

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