Holiday Wreath Automation
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Automate your holiday wreath using an Arduino MKR1000, NeoPixels, and a buzzer. Get notified via SMS/email when someone is at the door.

IoT Command Center - Using Samsung ARTIK Cloud
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Work in progress

IoT Command center allows you to monitor your home using the ARTIK cloud and automate your Hue light.

Inside-Outside Weather Station
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This is a great weekend IoT project which uses the BeagleBone Green to display Temperature Humidity inside and outside your home and more..

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RoboSapien Whips Nae Nae
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Ever wanted to add voice control to RoboSapien. How about connect it to Amazon Echo. I can say, 'Alexa, tell RoboSapien to do the Nae Nae'.

From 0 to IoT in 15 minutes
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Use the Particle Electron to get a project online in 15 minutes

Build 3-axis Accelerometer on Beagleboard from Scratch
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A 3-axis accelerometer build on the BeagleBoard.

Build 3-axis Accelerometer on Beagleboard from Scratch

by matt on

  • Plant Monitoring System using AWS IoT 12 months ago

    Awesome, you should should try and post a write up on based on where you get with the Lambda function.. Thanks for pointing out the typo , i have corrected the same.

  • Plant Monitoring System using AWS IoT 12 months ago

    Thanks for the comment.For the 3D printed parts I am using 123D design. Yes agreed on a more generic design with the Arduino Protoshield, I have one handy will design and post the STL in a couple of days.If you plan on doing something similar, please post a picture with your setup,if possible.

  • Keyless Door Entry 12 months ago

    I was powering it using a Lipo , but then had to move to long USB cable to power it up for the reasons you mentioned above :) .And i was surprised to find that I dint need to power the high torque servo separately.Here is the link to the servo i am using

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