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The Mega-B Bread™Board is a Bluetooth LE 4.2 development kit for quickly building, testing, and iterating on your Internet of Things concept. The Mega-B is the most powerful member of the Bread™B-Line prototyping family.


The Mega-B Development Kit contains input modules, output modules, sensor modules, and a Bluetooth connectivity module. All modules are plug-and-play allowing for extremely rapid and clean prototyping.

The kit can be programmed through our online platform, Breadware IDE, or with the Arduino IDE. With the Breadware ToolKit, which includes the B-Line hardware line and free Breadware IDE, you will be able to leverage design templates, write device firmware using our “hardware-object-oriented programming language”, build test mobile applications for the device, configure web dashboards for the device, and utilize webhooks to stream data to anyplace on the web.

The Mega-B is built atop the Arduino Mega 2560. The Mega-B has preserved all of the functionality of the Arduino Mega. Additionally all of the functionality and GPIOs of the base Arduino Mega are preserved  giving you the capability to integrate 3rd party modules – or your own designs – with the Mega-B.


  • Microchip RN4871 Bluetooth (LE) module
  • Atmel ATmega 2560 Microcontroller
  • 8-bit, 16 MHz processor
  • 8Kbytes RAM, 256KBytes FLASH
  • 13 Bread Module connectors
  • 54 GPIOs
  • Power: USB 2.0B or Barrel Jack
  • FCC/CE certified
  • Full Integration with Breadware IDE

Included in Development Kit

  • Mega-B Bread™Board
  • Arduino Mega
  • USB 2.0A to 2.0B programming cable
  • Free access to Breadware IDE
  • 13 Breadware Modules


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