Internet Controlled RC Car
  • 255
  • 1

Cool RC Car that you can control with the touch of your fingers right from your own phone.

Line Follower Robot
  • 367
  • 10

Cool robot that can follow a black line and stop before objects!

Smart Mirror
  • 2,777
  • 41

Work in progress

Quick and easy way to tell time and weather when getting ready!

Project replicas 0

 Ali Soomar hasn't replicated any projects yet.

LED CUBE 4x4x4
  • 1,070
  • 16

LED cube 4x4x4, 64 LED diode, 16 forms of work.

DIY Magic Mirror for under $150!
  • 203
  • 4

Full instructions

Build a Magic Mirror with a Particle Photon and Beam LED grid for cheap!

Build the Fridgeye App with a Nextion Display
  • 2,639
  • 20

Full instructions

The Kickstarter may have failed but that doesn't mean you can't make your own Fridgeye with a few components and a Nextion display.

Comments 2

  • Smart Mirror 5 months ago

    Yeah that will work as well. Later I'll upload the html, css, and javascript files I used to create this

  • Coin Counter Simulator 11 months ago

    This is just a demo for the final coin counter to work with the LDC1000. I am currently in a group working on getting the final project done, and we're working on profiling the coins so that each coin has an inductance range to tell the microcontroller which coin is which. However before doing so, we decided to use two microcontrollers instead of one because the LCD1000 is not compatible with Energia (it only works with code composer studio). After getting the data from the LDC1000, it'll be transferred to another LaunchPad (the main one) through the UART pins. The main purpose of doing this was to remain in the Energia environment, as it is simpler to use. We have a blog for the progress of our coin counter at if you want more information! BTW the coin counter will ultimately be an IoT Coin Counter to keep more momentum going for donation drives!!

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