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Add SSL Certificates to MKR1000
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Cannot connect to your favourite https site with your MKR1000? Follow this guide to install SSL certificate in a easy way using the GUI.

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 Andrea Richetta hasn't replicated any projects yet.

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Assemblaggio Arduino Case Breadboard Wires Kit
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Questo tutorial ti spiega come assemblare il tuo nuovo Arduino Case Breadboard Wires Kit! 

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Amazon Dash Button for Arduino!
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Full instructions

A project using the AmazonDRS library for WiFi101 connected Arduinos. Just like the AWS IoT button, but completely open source!

Arduino based Amazon Echo using 1Sheeld
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Full instructions

DIY Amazon Echo using Arduino that can control house lights, tell you the time, play music and even get the weather status right now.

Aquarium Temperature Monitor
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Work in progress

I built an automated aquarium that manages its own lighting, temperature, sends alerts, and I'll add feeding in the future!

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