Security Camera
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Full instructions

Security camera project using Windows 10 IoT Core

Security Camera

Windows IoT

Security Camera add-on for OneDrive storage
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Add-on that builds on the Security Camera project to use OneDrive storage

Security Camera add-on for IP cameras
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Add-on to the Security Camera project that uses an IP camera instead of a USB camera

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Open Smart Hub : Home Automation
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Work in progress

A smart home solution to all your separated "smart" devices that you can host yourself, customize, and add functionality to.

  • Bright or Not? about 1 year ago

    Thank you Gene for your feedback. We have added a note about the same in the Hardware Setup section of this project.

  • Bright or Not? about 1 year ago

    Hi Russ,

    Can you clarify what you mean by row A and B?
    Also, the breadboard size does not make a difference, so the full sized breadboard you are using is fine.

  • Bright or Not? about 1 year ago

    Hi Russell,

    I'd recommend double checking the wiring. This is one of the more complicated projects and it's very easy to get the wiring wrong.

    When you run the code, do you get a 'device not found' error message? If you do that means your data and clock cables are switched. (The orange wires on the Fritzing diagram)

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