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Robot Rover -  iPhone controlled using Blynk Joystick
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Full instructions

This project features a 4 motor robot rover controlled with a BLYNK virtual Joystick over a Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) connection.

Arduino Dual BME280 IoT Recording HygroThermoGraph
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Full instructions

This Arduino-BME280 based device measures, records and uploads T, RH, BP data to ThingSpeak.

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 jim Myracle hasn't replicated any projects yet.

Temperature/humidity monitor with Blynk
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Full instructions

Build an Android or iOS app for your hardware with no coding!

Robot for supercool indoor navigation
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Full instructions

The robot navigates indoor, in a pre-defined path, with high accuracy, and allows its real-time tracking on a phone. No GPS, No WiFi, No Map

Arduino/Genuino 101 BLE Thermometer With TMP102 and Blynk
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Full instructions

Here is how to make an Arduino/Genuino 101 Bluetooth Low Energy thermometer with TMP102 and Blynk.

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