Rocky Rover: Robotic Vision System PixyCam & Arduino 101
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Full instructions

Using PixyCam and Intel Arduino 101 to drive this rover. Easy Robotic Vision system using PixyCam, rover reacts to the ball using Pan/Tilt.

Execute Order 66 - Augmented Reality Controlled Hologram
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Full instructions

Execute Order 66 Augmented Reality App using Littlebits Cloudbit as Controller for the hologram. I used LittleBits to rotate Darth Sidious.

Let it Snow - IoT Snow Globe with Virtual Reality Web
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Full instructions

Arduino Snow Globe hosting a Virtual Reality Website. play w/ snow in VR via HTC Vive, Tilt the Snow Globe and snow starts falling.

Project replicas 1

Swimming Pool Lap Counter
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I love swimming, but I tend to lose count of the laps, so I made this lap counter with an Arduino.

Intro to Soldering and Desoldering
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Connect this to that – and disconnect them again – with breadboards and soldering.

Multicontrollable robot car
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Can automatically drive. Control with browser (with video), Xbox One Controller and Speech. Run on Minnowboard MAX with Windows IoT Core.

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