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Autonomous Soil Quality Assessment (AutoSQA)

An autonomous rover that can survey a field, map and measure soil quality indicators like pH, humidity, nitrogen content, etc...

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Things used in this project

Hardware components

NXP Mobile Robotics buggy3 kit (MR-Buggy3)
NXP NavQPlus AI/ML Companion Computer
Google Coral Camera
Adafruit BME688 - STEMMA QT
Wheel Encoder
3 in 1 Soil sensor

Software apps and online services

Fusion 360
Autodesk Fusion 360
Robot Operating System
ROS Robot Operating System
Arduino IDE
Arduino IDE


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Custom parts and enclosures

RC and Telemetry Radio Holder

A simple, 3D printable, holder for the RC and Telemetry radio, as well as a V-Style holder for the RC antennas, that can be mounted onto the MR-Buggy3.

Linear Acutator

A 3D printed linear actuator with force sensing capabilities.

MR-Buggy3 Vertical Battery Mount Holder

MR-Buggy3 Vertical Battery Mount Holder

Bottom Vertical Mounting Holder

Vertical mounting holder for the backside of the MR-Buggy3. Fixed to the rear shock absorber and to the mid-plate.

Top Vertical Mounting Holder

Vertical mounting holder for the backside of the MR-Buggy3. Fixed to the to the top-plate.

Stereo Camera Enclosure

A replacement enclosure for the Google Coral camera module to allows for stereo vision with dual Google Coral cameras.


Sensor Acquistion Board Firmware

Zip file containing the firmware of the acquisition board (STM32F103), including the driver for the BME688.
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AutoSQA: Acqusition

The acquisition ROS 2 node running on the NavQPlus, samples data from the acquisition board and sends them to the Hub.

AutoSQA: Hub

A Unity project that host the acquisition data server, receives sensor data from the NavQPlus, also host a MAVLink line.

OpenCV code for NavQPlus

Basic OpenCV example codes running on the NavQPlus, specifically for a stereo camera setup, like depth perception and anaglyphs.

PX4 Autopilot Fork

Fork of the PX4 Autopilot used, with added wheel encoder driver and publishing them over MAVLink.

Wheel Encoder Firmware

Firmware, and hardware files, for a Wheel Encoder for the MR-Buggy3 with PX4 integration on a custom fork.

MR-Buggy3 Offboard Locomotion

ROS 2 based locomotion controller for the MR-Buggy3 running on the NavQPlus.




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