One Pixel Thermographic Camera
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TMP006 IR Temperature Sensor Project

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SmartCoach - the intelligent training system

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inteligent control

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 Lukasz Krysiewicz hasn't replicated any projects yet.

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MSP432 Fun with IoT Workshop 2016
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Full instructions

Explore the Educational BoosterPack paired with the MSP432 LaunchPad and then take that to the cloud with the CC3100 Wi-Fi BoosterPack!

Star Wars Droid Translator Helmets
  • 8,235
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Wear helmets & speak Droid to each other! Everyone hears droid "language" but wearers of the helmets hear each others' actual voice instead!

IoT real-time dashboard with PubNub & TI LaunchPad
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Full instructions

Create a real-time sensor data dashboards using PubNub & TI LaunchPad development kits.

Comments 2

  • iot-wardrobe about 1 year ago

    IoT revolving shoe rack great idea ! It is possible see your project ?
    My project is educational. My goal was show how many opportunities giving IoT technology. Additionally I would show Texas Instruments cc3200 microcontroller.

  • iot-postbox about 1 year ago

    everything was tested and working properly

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