RGB LED Nightlight
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Motion sensing, battery powered, pulsing RGB LED nightlight without a microcontroller

MKR1000 Universal Remonster!
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WiFi connected universal remote with smart phone webapp.

WiFi IR Blaster
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A connected universal remote.

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Wind Wizard
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IOT wind generator monitoring with real time logging and display on a Wink Nimbus gauge cluster.

TeleBall Retro Handheld Game Console
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Retro Game Console. Play Tennis for Two or Breakout or make your own game. Arduino, 3D Printing, Programming.

IoT Device Management with mDNS and Webduino
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Make IoT devices easier to configure and manage on a local network using mDNS (Bonjour, zeroconf) and Webduino (web server library)

  • WiFi IR Blaster less than a minute ago

    I didn't end up put the temp sensor into this device, but made a smaller stand alone temp/humidity sensor that logs data to thingspeak. I haven't had any new devices to add, so I haven't revisited the IR learning yet.

    For the Alexa integration I was just able to use the out of the box IFTTT Maker and Alexa channels to send an HTTP request when using a trigger word in Alexa:


    Right now I just have it set to power up my receiver and TV when I say "Alexa, trigger TV on", and off as well.

  • WiFi IR Blaster 12 minutes ago

    Yes, exactly. I wanted to to be able to mount the enclosure behind a piece of furniture and just have the IR LEDs popping out towards two different devices.

  • IR Controller for Air Conditioner 2 days ago

    Nice, that looks like a pretty robust project! I actually hacked together a wifi-IR remote using what I learned building this AC controller and posted about it here: https://www.hackster.io/BuddyC/wifi-ir-blaster-af6bca

    It doesn't have the learning function like yours, but I made a web app frontend and used IFTTT to enable alexa voice control. It works well enough, but if I had known about zmote back then, I probably would have gone that route.

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