Getting Started with the Arduino Desktop IDE
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Learn how to use the Arduino Desktop IDE at its best and install it on your PC!

Act on Multiple Sketches at Once on the Web Editor!
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Want to clean up or better organize your online sketchbook? Do it in just a few clicks on the Arduino Web Editor!

Make-It-Rain Clap Machine
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Full instructions

Just got paid? Perfect! Time to make this fun Make-it-Rain machine. Clap your hands and let the money flow!

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Zelda Princess Hilda LED Staff powered by Arduino
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Arduino Gemma and Neopixel LEDs to give some life to my 3D Printed Princess Hilda Staff: Zelda Link Between Worlds.

Control your MKR1000 with aREST Framework
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You can control your MKR1000 remotely with a RESTFUL interface.

  • MKRZero Weather Data Logger 20 days ago

    Hi! You need to install the RTCZero library using the library manager

  • MKRZero Weather Data Logger 28 days ago

    yes, if you use low power politics like standby and event driven wakeups

  • MKR1000 WiFi Robot about 2 months ago

    Hi, it depends on the battery amperage. This robot sinks about 100mA when motors aren't running and about 400mA when motors are running. So worst case is averaging at (400+100)/2 = 250mA
    If a battery is (to make simple calculations) 1000mAh we have:
    time < 1000mAh/250mA = 4h

    hope this help!

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