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The BLE Module allows your tesselation to work as a Bluetooth LE master or slave device. It is compatible with iOS 5+, Android 4.3+ and supports master mode to connect to other BLE devices and Tessels. This module featuresBlueGiga's BLE113 chip.

BLE Proximity-based Switch
  • 7,512
  • 11

Full instructions

Switches on a relay when BLE device is in range

  • 572
  • 2

You never have to queue for the toilet again.


Ayoub Sbai, C S, Luka Strizic

BLE Device Display Server
  • 453
  • 2

Full instructions

Registers nearby BLE devices on a webpage served by a Tessel

Mercedes Benz Show Me App
  • 154
  • 1

First prize at H-ack Auto @H-Farm ventures (24 hours Hackaton).

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