Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Intel Edison
3D printed shell
Designed using free version of Autodesk's Fusion 360
Lithium rechargeable battery
Circuit board enabled with camera, temp sensor, mic, speaker
Free Azure account to log and serve data
Dog collar with built-in LED strip (or hack your own)
Software apps and online services:
D94d qxu
Autodesk Fusion 360



Ron portrait p1020751
Ron Jackson

I am an engineer interested in robotics.

11712 10101187943249260 1987197452167479623 n
Ethan Ott

Controls engineer by day, electronics explorer by night.

Manny s

love open source!

Jeremy Foster

Developer Evangelist at Microsoft. Windows 8, HTML, JavaScript coder. Hiker. Sailor. Husband. Dad. Not in that order.

09 bryce canyon 0039
Thang Tran

New to hacking! Looking to learn as much as possible.



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