Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Everything ESP ESP8266 ESP-01
Various suppliers - as low as $2.50 USD in 10X quantity
OLED I2C 128x64 (4-pin device NOT SPI)
Lithium battery LiFePO4
Commonly used in modern solar garden lights 3.2V "AA"
Battery enclosure 2xAA
Find one with a switch!


Basic Wiring - Use I2C pullups on SCL+SDA (1.8K in my example)
Some displays already have the pull-ups
20150706 160110


Open WiFi ScannerC/C++
Unzip ALL fines into a single directory
No preview (download only).
All WiFi Scanners for 1.6.7Arduino
Arduino IDE 1.6.7
No preview (download only).


Ray Burnette

IT architect - retired AT&T... USAF-Secure Comm , Burroughs, Clemson U. School of EE Research, Southern Bell, BellSouth, SofKinetics, Inc. (President), AT&T IT


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