Things used in this project

Hardware components:
12640 01a
SparkFun Pro Micro - 5V/16MHz
475267 240424 01 front zoom kankcmvqdh
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Omron b3f 1000 image 75px
SparkFun Pushbutton switch 12mm
DIP switch
Optional ( 2 2x position or 1 3x DIP preferred)


Sparkfun Pro Micro
Chinese clone should be similar BUT always verify pinouts and voltages!
Promicro duee14ygqy


Arduino Micro SketchC/C++
I am using 1.6.13 on a Linux Mint distribution
No preview (download only).


Ray Burnette

IT architect - retired AT&T... USAF-Secure Comm , Burroughs, Clemson U. School of EE Research, Southern Bell, BellSouth, SofKinetics, Inc. (President), AT&T IT



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