Ray Burnette

IT architect - retired AT&T... USAF-Secure Comm , Burroughs, Clemson U. School of EE Research, Southern Bell, BellSouth, SofKinetics, Inc. (President), AT&T IT



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PSoC 4: 6 channel voltmeter for $1 per channel
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The flexibility of the PSoC 4100 project board and the inexpensive Nokia 5110 GLCD opens the door for a very inexpensive 6-channel voltmeter

PSoC 4: Basic LCD Display
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The PSoC 4 series have embedded capability for Character LCD displays so there is no longer an excuse for projects that are headless!

PSoC 4: Using the Color GLCD ILI9341
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Color is king... especially when it is under $10 and the ILI9341 is particularly easy to interface using Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

$7 PSoC Serial Terminal
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Nokia 5110 GLCD, some C code, and a $4 PSoC 4200 32-bit ARM Prototype Boards from Cypress creates an inexpensive project terminal under $7

PSoC 4: Thermistor Temperature
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A thermistor + resistor + PSoC 4200 will accurately calculate the temperature using the PSoC 4 Sequencing Successive Approximation ADC.

Project #001: BLE Find Me
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Learn how to create a simple Find Me project with PSoC 4 Bluetooth Low Energy. Use this project to find missing objects using a phone.

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