ESP8266 webserver using Javascript and XML
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Efficiently use data controls and display realtime information using Javascript.

ESP8266 Mini Sniff
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This Arduino project is for an ESP8266 running in promiscuous mode which will display Device and Access Point MAC, RSSI, SSID, and channel.

NodeMCU ESP8266 Remote Temperature using WebSockets
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Take ESP8266 development to a new level with Javascript and WebSockets to create an auto-update HTML5 webpage.

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  • ESP8266 Mini Sniff 22 days ago

    Please consider using the Staging version by igrr:
    Boards manager link:

    I simply do not answer questions relating to compiling issues, PC environment, OS-specific concerns, etc. Before I post and upload, I check for a clean compile. The header of my source code will list the compile environment and Arduino versions. Because igrr is constantly working with the Arduino ESP8266 core (when not distracted by ESP32), because is constantly changing the IDE, because my Linux Mint is changing ... well, there are too many variables to enter into online dialog. What this means is that my projects are snapshots in time; they may not work for your specific OS/IDE environment and they may not work after an IDE/ESP8266 update. These things are beyond my control. I also do not go back and validate older posted code to new IDE versions or new versions of 3rd party libraries. Doing so would simply be boring and take the fun out of this hobby.

    Thanks to all who have posted.


  • ESP8266-01 Web Server 2 months ago

    Commercial WiFi home routers provide a function capability called DHCP. Essentially, DHCP within the router is server software that listens for external ckient requests: ports 67/68 are reserved for this handshake.

    When you set-up the WiFi router, you prove a begin address and a range for the DHCP server to manage dynamically. The addresses will have a finite life-time before they age "out" of the reservation table. Wikipedia has a great write-up.


  • ESP8266 Mini Sniff 3 months ago

    Please refer to the "structures.h" tab of the IDE; specifically the structure used by the callback function. There, you should be able to answer your own question.


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