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Animated Word Clock on the O-Watch
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A modified version of J Koger's Mini Word Clock for O-Watch, now with an animated digital rain effect.

Googly Eye O-Watch
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Inspired by Mike Mak's Eye Clock, now the O-Watch can show the time with two googly eyes: hours (left eye) and minutes (right eye).

Word Clock on the O-Watch
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We'll build on the Simple RTC Watch to turn our O-Watch into a Mini Word Clock, which uses an 8 x 8 grid of letters to spell out the time.

Simple Analog Watch using RTC
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We take the Simple RTC Watch one step further by using the TinyScreen graphics functions to draw a round analog watch face!

Simple Watch Using RTC
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Full instructions

The O-Watch Simple Watch code tweaked to use the Arduino Zero's built-in RTC, plus a couple other tweaks.

D Watch
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Full instructions

First attempt at extending O Watch sample code to include display of Temp (in C and F) and RH.

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