The BreadBoardBuddy Pro Brings USB Power, LiPo Charging, and USB UART to Your Breadboard

With USB power at 3.3V or 5V, USB UART, lithium-polymer battery charging, and a reset button, this really is your breadboard's buddy.

Gareth Halfacree
10 days ago β€’ Hardware 101
The BBBPro is a four-in-one add-on for any breadboard project. (πŸ“·: AtomSoftTech)

UPDATE 2020-05-28:

AtomSoftTech has launched another variant of the BreadBoardBuddy, dubbed the BreadBoardBuddy Universal. Full details are available on the company's blog.

Original article follows.

AtomSoftTech is looking to make powering a breadboard project as simple as possible with the BreadBoardBuddy Pro β€” and is throwing in battery charging, a USB to UART bridge, and a reset button for good measure.

"The BBBPro is a 4 in 1 breadboard tool. The amount of time you save using this is crazy," writes AtomSoftTech of the device. "I've been using my original BreadboardBuddy for years, and the main addition is the newer CP2104 and LiPo Charging."

At its heart, the BBBPro is a power supply for breadboard projects. "Using a micro-USB cable you can supply the board with its power," the company explains. "The board can output 5v and 3.3V simultaneously. Using the jumpers on each of the top corners you can select which supply goes to which rail on breadboard."

"If using a battery please note that there will obviously be no 5V supply. You can take 4.2 (or what ever the voltage on battery may be) from the BATT pin. Otherwise it will supply power to the 3.3V regulator and you can still use that on the power rails."

That's only part of the board's feature-set, though: At the same time, it includes a USB to UART bridge based on the CP2104 serial chip; an MCP73831, meanwhile, offers lithium-polymer (LiPo) battery charging capabilities. "The same charging circuit is used by other suppliers of similar circuits. What makes mines special," AtomSoftTech notes, "is the ability to still supply power to circuit while charging, without crossing the voltage. Has a option for 100mA or 500mA charging on bottom."

Finally, a reset button rounds out the feature set. The board itself, meanwhile, is sold as a kit, with all surface-mount parts already soldered; the board minus LiPo and reset button functionality can be purchased as a base model, then the LiPo or reset button added to the mix - or both, for a fully-featured variant.

The BreadBoard Buddy Pro is now available on Tindie, priced at $14.99 rising to $24.99 depending on features required.

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