SparkFun Launches Qwiic Shield for Thing Plus and Feather Format Boards

SparkFun's Thing Plus boards, plus any adhering to the Adafruit Feather standard, now have an easy shield for up to four Qwiic connections.

Gareth Halfacree
2 months agoHardware 101
A central jumper adds support for non-pull-up I2C devices. (📷: SparkFun)

SparkFun has announced a new Qwiic Shield, bringing its solder-free quick-connect I2C ecosystem to boards compatible with the Thing Plus or Adafruit Feather form factor.

"The SparkFun Qwiic Shield for Thing Plus provides an easy-to-assemble way to add the SparkFun Qwiic connect ecosystem to any development board with the Thing Plus Footprint," the company explains of its latest launch. "The Thing Plus footprint is also compatible with the Feather Footprint so you can use this shield with any Arduino development board that uses the Thing Plus or Feather Footprints!

"It connects the I2C bus (GND, 3.3V, SDA, and SCL) on your Thing Plus to four SparkFun Qwiic connectors. The Qwiic ecosystem allows for easy daisy chaining so, as long as your devices are on different addresses, you can connect as many Qwiic devices as you'd like."

The add-on board is supplied with the Qwiic connectors already attached, facing outwards at the top and bottom and upwards for the two middle connectors, requiring only the pin headers for connection to the underlying Thing Plus or Feather board to be populated before use. There's also an I2C jumper in the centre, which adds compatibility for I2C devices that don't have pull-up resistors already fitted.

The Qwiic Shield for Thing Plus is now available from SparkFun, priced at $3.50 before volume discounts; as with the company's other designs, the hardware design files are also available for free download on the SparkFun GitHub repository.

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