SparkFun Launches Limited-Edition SnowBoard Artemis Dev Board, Free with $75 or Higher Spend

The SparkFun RedBoard Artemis has a new, stylish alternative in the SnowBoard Artemis — but it's limited to just 250 units.

The RedBoard has a holiday-themed companion - but you'll need to be quick. (📷: SparkFun)

SparkFun has announced the launch of a new RedBoard Artemis development board, with a twist: the new SnowBoard Artemis is only in stock for the holidays, and when the 250 units built run out it's gone for good.

SparkFun launched the Artemis range earlier this year with a tiny module designed to bridge the gap between maker and mass-manufacture, but the RedBoard Artemis was a return to form for the company. Taking the tiny Artemis module as its central component, the RedBoard Artemis packages it in a maker-friendly Arduino Uno-inspired form factor — but with USB Type-C and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity. As with the Artemis module itself, the RedBoard Artemis offers 1MB of flash storage and 384kB of RAM, plus a 48MHz SoC which can be clocked to 96MHz when required.

The new SnowBoard Artemis isn't strictly speaking a new board, using the exact same design as the earlier RedBoard Artemis. Instead, it's designed to be a collectible. The board uses a new black PCB with snowflake-themed graphics, and is being made available in a limited production run of just 250 units — and at a one-per-customer limit to boot.

"The SparkFun Artemis SnowBoard is a limited edition of the RedBoard Artemis that takes the incredibly powerful Artemis module and wraps it up in an easy to use and familiar Uno footprint," the company explains. "Unlike the RedBoard Artemis, this SnowBoard comes in a matte black finish with the Artemis bow and arrow logo arranged in a snowflake pattern!"

The SnowBoard Artemis is now available priced at $19.95, though customers spending more than $75 at SparkFun can receive one for free using the code "SNOWBOARD19" at checkout. The company has not indicated how many are remaining in stock.

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