Sam Controllers Set to Release Power H Mini V2 Driver for DC Motors

The Power H Mini V2 H-bridge offers a 12A peak current, two-wire control, built-in PWM, and plug-and-play drivers.

Cabe Atwell
8 days agoRobotics

Sam Controllers released the open source Power H Mini H-bridge back in 2018, which was touted as “providing a lot of flexibility for DC motor applications.” The tiny boar featured a voltage range from 4V to 28V, a peak current of 12A, and a nearly identical pinout and interface to A4988, DRV8825 and other similar boards. The company is now set to release the Power H Mini V2 board, which comes with extremely low internal resistance, and improved energy recuperation.

The Power H Mini V2 once again includes a 12A peak current, two-wire control, built-in PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation). It is designed for full-bridge control of a single DC motor, while two half bridges can control two motors, and three motors can be controlled using mechanically dependent configurations. The board is outfitted with an automotive-grade STM VNH7100AS H-bridge driver and incorporates a dual monolithic high-side driver and two low-side switches.

On the specifications side, the Power H Mini V2 has a voltage range of 4V to 28V, up to 5V logic level on IN pins, a 12A peak current, and up to 20kHz for PWM operations. The board also offers overvoltage clamp/protection, thermal shutdown and standby mode, and low standby power consumption.

The Power H Mini V2 features MultiSense diagnostic functions, analog motor current feedback, output short to VCC detection, output protection against short to ground and short to VCC, and can be incorporated in a custom controller design.

Sam Controllers is set to crowdfund the Power H Mini V2 soon, but it’s currently unknown when that will be or how much the board will cost.

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