ReVolt Offers Earth-Friendly USB Power for Your Battery Devices

"We have developed a practical way replace your batteries, for good."

Cabe Atwell
20 days agoSensors

Battery-powered technologies are still heavily relied on and still come at a cost to our environment. While energy storage technologies have grown by leaps and bounds, genuinely green battery power, or something that fills that gap, is a huge hurdle to overcome. A new adapter up on Kickstarter, ReVolt, is positioning itself to close that gap as an Earth-friendly upgrade for synths, toys, and all battery-reliant gear. Take out your batteries, put in the ReVolt bridge cable, and the device is retrofitted with a DC power jack and ready to go.

The ReVolt claims to be a completely “practical way to replace your batteries, for good.” The bridge cable is battery-shaped in varying sizes on one end, while the other has a power connector. The ends are connected by a thin ribbon cable flat enough that closing the battery compartment won’t be an issue, yet still being robust enough to power the device. Once the bridge cable is in place, your device can be powered via a USB power bank, wall plug, solar cell, the USB port on your laptop, and more. You now have a DC power jack that can be powered via a standard 3V wall plug or by using its 3V Ripcord to USB cable to plug into any USB-out port.

Developing one solution that is a practical power alternative for any battery device demands that it be robust. ReVolt is adaptable — tested in devices from radios to handheld game consoles, flexible — useable with any USB port, mobile, durable, and safe. The bridge is multi-use and can be stored in a device or removed to use in another. It’s not a lasting alteration, either. If you want to return to standard batteries, you can, but the ReVolt is versatile and involves no consumable parts.

ReVolt is a fully completed and manufactured product, ready to ship. Meeting its Kickstarter goal, according to their timeline, will allow for a second production run. The campaign page also features numerous videos of testing and applications, a full list of features, and thorough instructions for use.

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